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Ease Your Dog’s Fear Of Loud Noises Through These Helpful Tips

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If thunderstorms and fireworks terrify your dog, there is a way you can help him. But first, you need to know that if something happens to your dog, you should always contact a vet hospital that you trust the most, and if you do not have one yet, you can give a licensed North Ryde vet like Gordon Vet Hospital a try.

With so many storms and different occasions for firework displays, there is a good reason why your dog chooses to bury his head under the table. But, did you know that many fear-related issues that your dog may have can be resolved?

Why is your dog scared of loud noises?

This is a question that can’t really be answered, as you can’t simply ask the dog yourself. It may even be something related to their memory, for example, if something happened during the first four months of their life.

Comfort your dog when he is scared

Genetics are also able to have a role in this, as herding breeds, such as Border Collie, German Shepherd, or even Pembroke Welsh Corgi, are usually more prone, which means that they will be a bit more anxious during fireworks, storms or loud noises.

Don’t bring your dogs to loud events

It is quite simple, really, if your dog is scared of loud noises, do not bring him to a fireworks display, and make sure that his comfort mechanisms are available, just in case if you are not there when the storm strikes.

Pay attention to where your dog runs to hide when a loud noise appears. Sometimes they hide under the bed, the dining table, and some dogs like to hide in the laundry. Families can help their pets find peace in their home. If possible, you should have a room where he can stay during the loud noises, with covered windows, and preferably soundproof walls.

Allow your dog to have access to his ‘safe place’

After making a safe place for your dog, or letting him choose one (which should also be soundproofed), you should make sure that he can access that place 24/7. In case you are not home, be sure that your dog will be able to get to his safe spot in case a storm comes.

Distract your dog from the loud noise

If you are home, it would help a lot if you sit by your dog and comfort him as well. In addition, you can use the noise machine too. Playing some rather soothing sounds for your dog will surely help him relax a bit and forget about the outside madness in his head.

What not to do

Avoid crates, because they are not a safe place for your dog during fireworks or storms. If your dog has a thunderstorm phobia, he will often injure himself trying to escape from the crate, and to his safe place. There are anxiety coats for dogs that you can buy, which are not that expensive, as they help your dog relax. However, you can always try and distract your dog by talking or playing with him.

Final word

There are many ways you can protect your dog from his biggest fear, and if you have any other questions, you should ask your vet. One of the best animal healthcare in Marsfield vets like Gordon Vet Hospital, will surely be able to answer all of your questions.