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How to Prevent Fires That Is Caused by Hospital Beds? Top Tips to Safeguard Your Facility

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Resident safety is very important for offering top quality nursing home or clinical care. Fires not only pose threats to the nursing homes, but also to their staff and residents. These facilities should have emergency procedures and plans for catering all the potential disasters and emergencies. With property and lives at stake, make sure to take proper steps to avoid bed fires in your nursing facility too. Read on to what steps you can take at such times.

Don’t ever cover bed’s power cord

If you cover the power cord of your home hospital bed with a carpet or rug, it may obstruct normal air flow that can lead to higher heat buildup. Moreover, covered power cords are even much more likely to be easily walked on or can even have furniture placed on them directly. To prevent this, make sure to advise your bed maintenance staff to place the cords in no or less traffic areas.

Inspect every relevant thing

It is important for the staff to inspect all the parts of hospital bed frame, hardware, and motor, and mattress, floor beneath, near the mattress for lint or dust buildup that may clog motor. The clinical staff can also ask the housekeeping for cleaning it if required.

Test the bed

Test the hospital bed to make sure it freely moves up to its complete limit. In many of the facilities, there are outlets that are wall mounted directly located behind hospital bed. So, make sure that the vertical motion of bed doesn’t interrupt with bed’s power plug or cord. Moreover, never thread hand control cable or other such power cords of the bed through bedrails or mechanical parts of bed where the movement of bed can cut or damage the cable.

Assess the hand as well as panel controls of the bed including the patient lockout features to make sure that it is working properly and can even move without damaging other cords. It is even essential to check out signs for damage or cracking to controls so that any liquid or other such conductive materials don’t penetrate to switches.

The personnel that are responsible for maintaining beds must be alert all the time. By taking the above precautions, you are surely going to protect your facility from fire or any other damage.