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What You Must Know About Tantric Yoga

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When we modify the ancient vedic practices that were practiced by the yogis of Indian subcontinent, then in the modern terms it is called  as Tantra Yoga. There are certain special postures which is called asanas developed by them along with breathing exercises which is called pranayama which is also a part of Hatha Yoga.

Whenever anyone talks about tantric yoga, the first thing that comes to our mind is something to do with sexual orgasm etc, however that is not so. Tantra yoga can certainly improve one’s sex life and also you know more about your body and channelize your energy in proper direction. This kind of tantric practices that also includes tantra yoga will not only help you to grow spiritually but also help in improvement of physical wellbeing.

By exploring our internal energy we can connect to universe, understand the purpose of our life and connect to many others. This also helps in exploring certain new dimensions of our life.

Why one should practice Tantra yoga?

As per the expert and well known teacher of tantra yoga following are three main objectives of performing tantra yoga.

  • To prosper
  • To thrive
  • To make proper balance between materialistic world and spiritual world and bring them into one.

With the help of tantra yoga, we can find out what is blocking in our way to thriving and it provides us the path, so that we can prosper both spiritually as well as materialistically.

What is tantra yoga?

If you try to find the word meaning of tantra then it means to expand or to weave. Therefore, in tantra yoga number of yoga practices are weaved together by following spiritual styles and various teachings so that we can connect to others as well as the universe. If this tantra yoga is regularly practiced then it can help you find who you really are and also you can achieve your goal when you practice this yoga with your partner and develop a deeper relationship with your partner.

With the help of tantra yoga, your whole body can get connected with 5 different bodies as follows:

  1. Your physical body
  2. Your energetic body
  3. Your emotional/mental body
  4. Youe wisdom body
  5. Your bliss body

Each of the above bodies has their own strength and weaknesses – which remains buried deep inside us. When we succeed in bringing them to surface then we can have control on our desires and stop responding to our unconscious mind. With the help of tantra yoga, it is possible to reach a state ultimate eternal bliss.

In tantra yoga, other traditional hatha yoga practices are also weaved together that includes bhakti, kundalini, karma, raja and many others. However, when we talk about tantra yoga then we do not limit ourselves with various asanas and other yogic traditions but much more than that. Many other subjects like gemology, astrology, Ayurveda and chanting etc. are few things that is developed from this tantra yoga.

Following are few postures that can help you to connect with your partner at much deeper level:

  • Boat pose

This pose will help you to stretch and strengthen when you do along with your partner and you may get connected.

  • Yab yum

This is another pose where larger partner sits cross legged and the other partner sits on the partner’s thigh and breathe deeply by closing eyes.

  • Hand on heart

In this pose each partner touches the other’s heart with their right hand.

Author’s Bio:

Daniel Hart has written this article. This kind of tantric yoga helps you to develop intimacy with your partner with the help of each others thoughts, desire and dreams